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Louis Waldon

Actor, artist, adventurer and Warhol Superstar.

Italy 1974

Los Angeles 2006

Louis & Viva

Lonesome Cowboys

Blue Movie
"I'd always wanted to do a movie that was pure fucking, nothing else, the way 'Eat' had been just eating and 'Sleep' had been just sleeping. So in October '68 I shot a movie of Viva having sex with Louis Waldon. I called it just 'Fuck'."  Andy Warhol:

'Fuck' was shot in October 1968 at David Bourden's apartment in Greenwich Village. (FAW36) The film is bathed in a blue tint that came from being shot with tungsten (indoor) film that was "ill-suited to the sunlight streaming into Bourden's apartment."  It was shown only at the Factory until the following year when all four reels that were shot were shown at a benefit for 'Film Culture' magazine at the Elgin Cinema on June 12, 1969. (Ibid) Then on July 21 Warhol put it into the New Andy Warhol Garrick Theatre where 'Lonesome Cowboys' had been playing but was dying "pretty quickly."  It was a shortened version (only the last three reels lasting 100 mins) and renamed 'Blue Movie' to avoid the censors.

According to Variety, the film made three times what it cost in the first week of being shown. It was seized by the New York City police on July 31, and the theatre's staff arrested. On September 18, the New York Criminal Court ruled that it was obscene and fined the theatre's manager $250.00. Andy "retaliated by immediately publishing the film as a book through Grove Press, with a complete transcription of the dialogue and lots of stills."

"Despite the fact that 'Blue Movie' contains an act of intercourse... the film seems to be more a documentary about life in the sixties than a porno film; Viva and Louis tell each other stories, talk about the war in Vietnam, cook some food, and fool around in the shower."

When the film "Last Tango in Paris" was released, Andy Warhol thought it was based on 'Blue Movie'.


Louis at sea

Louis & Viva 2002
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